Puni Maru Baby Cheeki Squishy Scented

Puni Maru

$1.99 $13.50

Puni Maru mascote is finally a mini squishy.  Four fun faces to choose from. These come in original packaging. Each style has a unique tag and ball chain associated with it. If those features are not enough, each style even has a unique scent!

These squishies are made with Puni Maru quality and slow rising formula.  Size 3 x 2 x 2 inches.

Silly has a lopsided smile that makes him look guilty. He also has a banana scent.  Smiley eyes who looks happy. Almost like he just finished eating and his tummy is full. He has a berry scent. Swirly Eyes has eyes that make him look dissy.  He has a pineapple scent. Pacifier has a cute blue pacifier in his mouth and a baby powder scent.