Puni-Maru Scented Jumbo Cornet Bun Squishy

Puni Maru


They are back in limited supply!

The great new Puni Maru has done it again.  These are the largest (11 inches long) squishies we have seen.  Wow!  The new Cornet Bun comes in 3 great styles.  The two Panda ones, Vanilla Panda Cornet (vanilla x butter scent) and Strawberry Panda Cornet (strawberry x butter scent), and a Chocolate kitty cornet (chocolate x butter scent).  These three squishies are what Puni Maru calls Double Scented.  And they do smell good. 

Not only are these great squishies but they come in a bakery box for displaying your new squishy.