Rilakkuma Monograph Blue Mechanical Pencil

Rilakkuma Monograph Blue Mechanical Pencil



The "MONO Graph Mechanical Pencil" is an innovative mechanical pencil that incorporates a shake-mechanism, allowing users to extend the lead by simply shaking the pencil. This unique feature enhances user convenience. Moreover, the pencil's clip is equipped with a shake lock mechanism, preventing accidental lead extension while maintaining the pencil's sleek design.

The mechanical pencil also features a 4mm long fixed guide pipe that plays a crucial role in preventing lead breakage. This guide pipe enables users to draw and write with confidence, ensuring firm, stable, and comfortable strokes. The combination of these features results in a high-quality and precise writing experience.

In addition to its exceptional design and lead-handling capabilities, this mechanical pencil includes one of Japan's most popular erasers, the renowned MONO Eraser. This eraser is celebrated for its superior quality and effectiveness in erasing pencil marks cleanly and efficiently.